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Design environmentally friendly food products

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Start your journey to more environmentally friendly products today with Sustained Impact


1. Measure

Assess all the products your company sells at a SKU and sales volume level to comprehensively understand your product caused environmental impact.

  • Full LCA using SKU level life cycle data measuring 16 impact categories.
  • Establish your product impact baseline using your previous years sales volume data.
  • Interactive and detailed SKU and volume reports highlighting high impact areas in raw materials, production processes and more.

2. Plan

Armed with your baseline, plan changes to your products and brands designed to meet specified impact reduction targets.

  • Target overall product caused impact reduction or target specific categories such as Climate Change.
  • Model changes at a SKU level and forecast what these would result in at projected sales volumes.

3. Reduce

Design and launch products with lower environmental impact as standard, replace high impact products with better versions and track how these proactive changes contribute to your company's impact reduction targets.

  • Load actual sales data month by month to track progress against set reduction targets.

4. Communicate

Communicate these changes to your customers, investors and employees.

  • Add eco-labels to your products, transparently communicating your impact reduction journey to your customers and the world.
  • Share your reduction progress through your sustainability reports.
  • Highlight environmental wins your product teams have achieved at a product level. 

There are many good reasons to


of Amazon deforestation is due to animal agriculture


of the world's wildlife populations are gone


of all freshwater aquatic animals have been eradicated


of all fresh water withdrawals are for agriculture


of greenhouse gas emissions come from food production


of the world will face water shortages by 2030

Key features

Sustained Impact empowers your teams to make actual environmental impact reductions


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