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Feature Focus: Easy switching between GHG Protocol and EU's PEF method

We know each sustainability journey is different, and your business needs flexibility to achieve your sustainability goals and to reduce the environmental impact of the products you make and sell.

That’s why we developed this feature, that makes it quick and simple to switch between globally recognised methods of the GHG Protocol and the EU’s PEF for assessing the Product Carbon Footprint and Product Environmental Footprint of any of your products. 

Now with just a few clicks, you can adapt the calculation method of our LCA engine to best suit your needs whether it's reformulating to reduce impact, or streamlining your Scope 3 reporting with automated contributions from Sustained, simply select the view you want:

  1. Production lens: 1 unit of sold Product ready for consumption
  2. Consumer lens: 1kg of sold product
  3. GHG protocol lens: 1 unit of sold Product ready for consumption

You don’t have to do anything to be able to use this feature. Simply open up your Sustained Impact dashboard and choose between the product level and volume level view. 

  • Product level: Get Product Carbon Footprint and share with your customers
  • Volume level: Measure your company product-related scope 3 contribution more accurately


To view product level:

  1. Product dashboard 
  2. View product 
  3. Toggle between the views 

To view at volume: 

  1. Volume dashboard 
  2. Baseline 
  3. Toggle between the views 

Explore on your Sustained Impact dashboard today, or get in touch to see how these tools can help you streamline your Scope 3 reporting, reach NetZero, Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) targets and expand to other nature based targets and beyond.


What are the benefits of using the EU's PEF method?

PEF is a globally recognised holistic and future-proofed method for LCA’s for the food industry. PEF goes beyond carbon to give you insights covering 16 different categories including climate change, water scarcity and land use. PEF also offers a deep impact contribution tree all the way to the supplier level. Using the EU's PEF method for your product level LCA provides accurate and transparent environmental impact data for your business. You can read more about why we chose to use the PEF methodology in this blog post. 

What are the benefits of using the GHG Protocol?

The GHG protocol is a widely recognised global standards that organisations use to measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. Using Sustained to calculate your Scope 3 emissions provides granular, representative contributions to reporting as well as detailed insights to help you build a reduction roadmap. Scope 3 emissions generally make up 80% of our customers impact, and product level insights help them identify and prioritise where to focus their reduction efforts, to reach their reduction targets more quickly.