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Sustained Impact Platform 

The most advanced, easy to use Product Carbon Footprinting (PCF) & environmental intelligence platform for food companies

  • Integrate Product Carbon Footprinting (PCF) & environmental intelligence into workflows 
  • Fast, cost effective product lifecycle assessments (LCA) at scale 
  • Identify emission hotspots and find reduction levers across ingredients, suppliers, packaging and locations 
  • Intuitive tools & dashboards to power your sustainability journey 
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Automated data collection & import

  • AI assisted data extraction
  • Connect to your existing systems for data synchronisation
  • Batch import from files 
  • Supplement data gaps with defaults and secondary data
  • Connect data with supply chain with shared workspaces  
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Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) & more 

  • Real-time Product Carbon Footprinting (GHG Protocol methodology)
  • Share scorecards & reports with downstream customers 
  • Go beyond carbon, PEF methodology lifecycle assessments (LCA's) measure 16 environmental impact categories including water, land & biodiversity 
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Change Modelling & Progress Pracking 

  • Calculate product level and company baseline 
  • Find impact hotspots across value chain 
  • Use hints & tips to find reduction levers 
  • Model changes to product design and forecast possible impact reduction at scale 
  • Set targets & monitor progress over time
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Suite of Integrations & API's 

  • Integrate with enterprise software solutions i.e NPD/EPD tools, PLM's & ERP's 
  • Data is synchronised automatically 
  • Embed insights and change modelling into workflows to avoid duplication for teams 
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Scope 3 Reporting & Compliance

  • Use GHG protocol to calculate company manufacturing impact
  • Bottoms up, product level insights for Scope 3 reporting
  • Aligned to global regulatory standards including CSRD, SEC, IFRS etc. 
  • Company dashboard for simple ESG reporting 
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Marketing Claims & Consumer Eco-labels  

  • Credible, defensible data to back up claims and comply with anti-greenwashing legislation 
  • On pack and online consumer eco-labels 
  • Sustained or Foundation Earth labels 
  • Integrate other labelling schemes as required 
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Quick Scope 3 Calculator 

Try our quick and simple calculator to get a free insights report for your Scope 3 purchased goods & services (Category 1). 

  • All you need is purchased amounts to get started 
  • Refine your estimate by plugging in primary data from your suppliers (PCF) if you've got them
  • Get a free insights report showing your impact hotspots and suggested next steps to help you on your reduction journey

Request access to Scope 3 Calculator