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Feature Focus: Impact Summary Reports 


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At Sustained, we help businesses to measure and manage their environmental impact, enabling them to transparently communicate and share environmental data with stakeholders and customers. We know how important it is to meet the growing demands for environmental transparency, and we understand the need for simple, self-service solutions.

That’s why we’ve introduced a 1-page Impact Summary Report. For every product, you can easily download an up-to-date impact summary report directly from your Sustained Impact dashboard.

Key Benefits of the Impact Summary Report:

  • Share Environmental Data: Provide detailed environmental data for each of your products to your customers as evidence for sustainability claims 
  • Flexible Reporting Options: Flexible Reporting Options: Choose between Product Carbon Footprint (GHG Protocol) or Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) summaries
  • Self-Serve Updates: Generate updated reports whenever you make changes to your products, such as reformulations or sourcing

What Do the Reports Include?

Each Impact Summary Report contains:

  • Product Name
  • Product Picture
  • Product ID
  • For PEF: your product's overall impact, some key metrics such as climate change (kgCO2e), water scarcity and land use, as well as breakdown by component (eg. ingredient/packaging/transportation/production etc.)
  • For GHG: your product's overall estimated KgCO2e (across scope 1/2/3), breakdown between scope 1/2/3 as well detailed scope 3 breakdown (eg. purchased goods & services)
  • Methodology and Data Sources: A brief snippet explaining the methods and data sources used.

How to Access Your Impact Summary Reports

  • Go to your product dashboard in Sustained Impact
  • Click ‘View’ on the relevant product
  • Select the ‘Download Summary Report’ button
  • Choose the version you want to download (either PEF or GHG)
  • Download and share your reports

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Download and share your reports with ease, or start creating your first summary impact report today with our 2-week free trial.