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Feature Focus: Product Comparison Tool


Product Comparison

Managing and reducing the environmental impact of your products, ranges and menus choices means having access to actionable insights and tools that help you make the best decisions to reach your sustainability goals, and respond to customer needs. 

Your Sustained Impact dashboard allows you to create detailed product comparison reports, so that you can assess and compare the environmental footprint of different products and recipes in your portfolio. This powerful tool supports you to make informed decisions about product development, marketing strategies, and consumer communications.

Benefits of Using the Product Comparison Reports

  • Comparing recipes and production: Use side by side impact comparison 
  • Developing Ranges and Menus: Optimise by choosing lower impact  products
  • Marketing & Claims: Select products to highlight their environmental performance and develop contextual and accurate claims

Comparison Criteria

You can compare products based on various environmental and consumer metrics:

  • Total Impact Points: Overall environmental impact score.
  • Consumer Rating: A-G 
  • Impact by PEF Category, including:
    • Climate Change
    • Water Usage
    • Land Use
  • Impact by Lifecycle Stage, including:
    • Raw Materials
    • Production
    • Distribution
    • Use
    • End-of-life

Actionable Insights

The comparison reports provide actionable insights by highlighting the most relevant processes (ie. is it the ingredients production, their transportation or your distribution that contributes the most to this product's total impact) for each product, from highest to lowest contribution, with percentages.

How to use the Comparison Feature:

  1. In your Sustained Impact dashboard, navigate to the Products section
  2. Toggle the 'Compare' button in the top right  
  3. Choose the products you wish to compare from your portfolio
  4. Press the 'Compare Products' button.
  5. The product comparison report will open

Try It Now

Use your Sustained Impact dashboard to compare products and gain insights into their environmental impacts. Use this data to make better product decisions, enhance your marketing strategies, and communicate effectively with your customers.

Try comparing products in your Sustained Impact dashboard now, book a free demo to see the feature in action.