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Feature Focus: Real-time Product Impact Modelling


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At Sustained we help food companies reduce the carbon and environmental footprint of their products. For most food companies, 80% of their carbon and environmental footprint comes from the products they make and sell, so we know how important it is to be able to re-design and reformulate to reach impact reduction targets.

To make sustainable food design easier, our product impact modelling tools are created for use during New Product Development (NPD) and Existing Product Development (EPD), providing real-time insights into the environmental footprints of your products.

How it works: 

  • Access: Find it in the 'Product' Dashboard of Sustained Impact (or integrate directly into your NPD/EPD tools via API)
  • Model Changes: Select a product and click ‘model’ to adjust ingredients, packaging, production and distribution steps 
  • Real-time Updates: As you make changes  impact scores are instantly updated, allowing you to see how you’re affecting environmental metrics as you go 
  • Comprehensive Insights: View the impact across 16 categories including GHG emissions, Water, Land and other Biodiversity factors 
  • Forecasting: Generate monthly forecasts based on your total production volumes 

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Why use Product Impact Modelling?

  • Simplified decision making: Using product impact modelling helps you experiment during product design to find reduction levers, and make trade offs with other factors you need to consider such as taste, nutrition and cost. 
  • Reach your goals faster: Embedding environmental impact considerations means all of your teams have the right data, at the right time so that you can reach your sustainability goals faster 

Try out modelling on your Sustained Impact dashboard today, or contact us to find out how you can benefit from our sustainable design tools.