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Reduce the carbon footprint of your food & beverage products

We help cross-functional teams reach their sustainability goals by embedding Product Carbon Footprinting (PCF) and automated Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) into product design.

Sustained Impact is an integrated sustainability and environmental intelligence platform tailored to food manufacturers & brands.

For Product Design Teams

A suite of tools so that you can include sustainability requirements into the design process 

  • Real time Product Carbon Foot-printing, while you design and formulate 
  • Advanced change modelling, forecasts and reduction hints & tips 
  • Compare product environmental impact scores across 16 categories including GHGs, water usage & biodiversity 
  • Integrate sustainable design tools into your PLM system
Canva Design DAGBMGC-MBY

For Sustainability Teams

Product level insights and progress tracking so that you can future proof your Net Zero and sustainability roadmap

  • Measure, reduce & communicate your environmental footprint in one integrated platform
  • Identify and prioritise reduction levers from actionable value chain data
  • Reach your goals faster, empowering product owners with tools to embed sustainability into designs
  • Generate reports to communicate progress to customers, investors and employees
  • Base ESRS/CSRD, CSDDD, IFRS and Scope 3 reporting on representative data
  • Have confidence in science backed methodologies including GHG protocol & PEF
Canva Design DAGBMJ-th0c

For Marketing Teams

Credible and defensible claims so that you can differentiate & unlock growth from sustainability 

  • Use science backed, audit grade data for environmental advertising & marketing claims
  • Communicate progress against sustainability targets to your consumers   
  • Generate eco-labels for products on pack, online and for e-commerce

For Executive Teams

Embed sustainable design to transform Net Zero ambitions and ESG compliance into commercial value 

  • Set and track measurable, impactful environmental sustainability targets tailored to your material risks  
  • Stay compliant with a platform that evolves with changing regulations 
  • Utilise product level impact data across the value chain to inform strategy and build supply chain resilience 
  • Integrate into ERP systems and broader KPI reporting frameworks for increases transparency and accountability 
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Sustainability by design

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