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Integrated sustainability solutions for food & beverage companies 

Measure, reduce and communicate the environmental impact of your products accurately, quickly and efficiently.  

Food and Beverage Manufacturers

  • Integrate Product level Environmental Footprints (including Product Carbon Footprint) into product design workflows 
  • Identify impact hotspots and prioritise reduction levers 
  • Product level & volume data for ESG reporting and compliance
  • Share credible sustainability claims with downstream customers & consumers 
  • Connect your workspaces with suppliers and buyers across the value chain
Food production line

Food Service, Restaurants and Hospitality  

  • Self-service, intuitive platform & dashboards for ESG reporting 
  • Credibly and transparently communicate the Sustainability of your food to consumers with carbon footprints and eco-labels 
  • Formulate more sustainable menus and dishes 
  • Compare the impact scores of products and ingredients in the platform
Prepared salad boxes

Food and Beverage Brands

  • Credibly and transparently communicate your Sustainability credentials to your stakeholders 
  • Connect workspaces with suppliers for accurate Scope 3 measurement 
  • Product level & volume data for ESG reporting and compliance
  • Build detailed requirements into your product specifications and briefs  
Grocery store aisle